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Linksys is one of the most prominent American brands of data networking hardware products. It offers a wide variety of products, including Ethernet switches, wired and wireless routers, VoIP equipment, wireless internet video cameras, Wi-Fi range extenders, audio-visual products, and network storage systems. Linksys is one of the three brands of the world-famous electronics manufacturer Belkin which is known for manufacturing simple and easy-to-use products. Linksys Wi-Fi range extenders are the best solution for all those who are struggling with weak Wi-Fi signal strength issues at their home or office. However, people often find it quite challenging for Linksys extender setup via http://extender.linksys.com. Therefore, to help them out, we will give the guidelines in this write-up through which all the users can set up their Linksys Wi-Fi range extender within a few clicks.

Features of Linksys Extender

Before proceeding with the Linksys extender setup via “extender.linksys.com,” it would be better for all the users to go through its features. It would give them a better understanding of the product:-

  • The dual-band wireless extender by Linksys provides the users with unmatched speed, and reliability doesn’t matter where they are in the house. 
  • The spot finder technology of Linksys range extender helps the users know exactly where they require to keep their range extender to achieve optimal coverage and range. 
  • Another best feature of this extender is it is compatible with any router. So, the user will not have to change the router they are using currently. 
  • Its Beamforming technology optimizes performance by focusing on the wireless signal to the connected devices.

Steps to Setup Linksys Extender Manually

In this section, we will provide the step-by-step guidelines that all the users must follow to perform Linksys setup manually:-

  • Firstly, the users should connect their computer or laptop with the help of an Ethernet cable. 
  • Now, make sure that the Linksys range extender is plugged into the electrical outlet. 
  • Now open the web browser on your device and enter “http://extender.linksys.com in the address bar. 
  • After this, the users will be forwarded to the official linksys login page, where they should carefully enter the login credentials. 
  • Now, once the extender.Linksys.setup screen displays, type the network name of the existing router in the given fields. 
  • Now, the users should select the manual option and turn off the extender for a few minutes. 
  • After this, turn the range extender on again. 
  • Now, the users have successfully set up their range extender using http://extender.linksys.com.

Linksys Extender Setup - WPS method

There are two ways to set up a Wi-Fi extender using WPS. Here we have given the easiest ways through which the users can easily set up their Linksys extender using the WPS method:-

1. Using WPS button

  • First of all, insert the range extender into an electrical outlet. 
  • Hold the WPS button on your extender. 
  • Now, check the WPS LED on the device. The LED shows the status of your Linksys extender setup – http://extender.linksys.com network. 
  • Note: check if the power light on the range extender is visible, it indicates that the range extender is configuring with the router.  
  • After a few minutes, the light will change its color to solid green. 
  • The green light indicates that the Wi-Fi extender setup is done successfully. 

Note: All the users who have a dual-band extender should repeat the same steps once again. 

2. Using the Web-Based WPS button

This method provides the users with three options: the WPS button, using the WPS PIN, and using the router’s PIN. Here we will provide guidelines for all three methods:-

  • Using WPS PIN

If your device includes a WPS PIN, input that PIN in the second field after visiting the official extender setup page of Linksys –  http://extender.linksys.com

  • Using the Router’s


  1. If your device demands the router’s PIN, enter it in the third slot of the extender.linksys.com Linksys extender setup page.  
  2. When the WPS light stays lit continuously, it indicates that the Wi-Fi extender setup has been completed successfully. 


In this write-up, we have provided all the necessary guidelines that you need to set up your Linksys Wi-Fi range extender without any hassle. Hence, now you can easily set up your range extender via http://extender.linksys.com.