Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys Login

linksys login

Features of Linksys Account: 

  • You can buy any Linksys product, renew your licenses. 
  • Get the current notifications of the exclusive deals and services.
  • After creating an account, you can create an address book, subscribe to a mailing list and manage all your purchases. 

Creating a Linksys Account 

Open a web browser and Launch the page: 

  • Access your favorite browser. 
  • Now, you are required to visit the official website of Linksys. Input in the address bar.
  • In the next window, spot the “Log In/Sign Up” option and select it.
  • On the Sign In/Register window, you will see a section of the “Create an Account” on the left side of the window. 

Enter the Required Information

    • First Name: Type your first name in the required field. 
    • Last Name: Then, enter your Last name.
    • Provide an email address: To receive specific emails from Linksys, enter a valid and correct email address.
  • Generate a strong password:  
    • To continue with the account creation process and for Linksys log in, you need to set a strong password. Your password must be difficult enough so that you can protect your account from hackers. Also, consider the below-given specifications while creating a password: 
  1. It is mandatory to include both the uppercase and lowercase letters. 
  2. You should include one numeric value in your password. 
  3. Make sure that you do not include your first name, last name, email address, and spaces.Also, the password must contain symbols
  • Next, you need to retype your password for authentication.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Now, scroll down your cursor to the bottom of the page and click on the links of the terms and conditions. Return to the account creation window once you have read all the agreements. 
  • If you want to get notified with the latest Linksys products and services, select the checkbox Be the first to know about exclusive deals & news. Then, move further for Linksys router login account creation. 

Register Button: 

  • To finalize your account, click on the Register button given there. By selecting the Register button, you agree with all the terms and conditions.  

Steps For Linksys Login

  • Begin the process by accessing a web browser on your system. 
  • Go to 
  • From the homepage, click on the login/Sign Up link. 
  • In the “Sign In to My Linksys Account” section, confirm that you have selected the Linksys Account radio button. 
  • In the first field, input your email address that is enrolled with your Linksys account. Provide all the characters in lower case letters and no spaces should be given between the characters. 
  • Now, enter your password that is registered with the Linksys account. 
  • Also, read the full information regarding Privacy Policy, License Agreement by clicking on their links. 
  • Lastly, click on the Sign In button which is given at the right side of the window. This concludes the Linksys login process.

Steps To Reset Linksys Login Password

  • Move to page and locate the Forgot Your Password link under the Linksys login section. In the pop-up box, grant your registered email address and click on the Reset Password button given there. Now, access the mail that you have received from Linksys for creating an account. 
  • Once you find the mail, open it and then click on the Reset Password link given in the mail. This will launch the Update password window. Type your new password into the mentioned field and then confirm it also. Then, the “Password is Updated” message will display on your screen which pinpoints that your new password is successfully created. You can now access your Linksys login page by using your new password.